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Now, All of your leads are able to be monitored and analyzed quickly.

Jala Ai Dashboard


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A cloud-based lead management software that is customized to integrate with your online-offline lead generation and deliver leads as result to sales officers / agents in real time. So it facilitates you to analyze all performance indicators (Campaign, Lead, and Team) and increase the sales.

Create Campaign

Online & Offline Lead Generation. Lead from google, facebook, whatsapp, email, Canvassing, Walk in, Exhibition

Assign to sales group

Supervisor can assign campaign in to group sales from dashboard panel.

Sales update lead

Sales get notification and will update lead which are assigned to them. It will be automatically generate report.

Online Lead Generation


Run Campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Whatsapp, Email, SMS, News Portal, and etc. Drive Potential audience to website.


Potential Audience fill the form and data will be submitted to JALA system and it will be called as lead.


JALA system will distribute leads to sales team and sales officer in real time.


Sales officer get leads by using JALA Assistant (mobile app). They can follow up and report lead status on this app.


Lead Performance. Campaign Performance, and Team Performance are able to be monitorized and analyzed on JALA Dashboard.

Offline Lead Generation


Many ways to generate leads offline such as canvasing, exhibition, walk in, etc.


Sales Officer are able submit Leads from those activities to JALA System by using “Add Lead Feature” on JALA Assistant.


Jala System will save leads. If sales officers want to follow up, they can access leads by using JALA Assistant.


Lead Performance, Campaign Performance, and Team Performance are able to monitored and analyzed on JALA Dashboard.

A better way to Simplify your work.

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facilitates you to analyze all performance indicators (Campaign, Lead, and Team) and increase the sales.


All Performances are able to be monitored and analyzed.

Lead Performance

Be easier to reach and analyze quality of leads based on their status in real time.

Campaign Performance

Be easier to explore which one is the best lead source to generate sales.

Team Performance

Be easier to know the performance of sales teams and sales officers who are fighting to generate sales based on their all activities to make fresh leads to be sales.


Selling Assistant Application for sales officers.

Grab Leads

Every day, sales officers will be updated with new leads in real time.

Follow Up

Be easier to follow up every lead.

Self Alert

Measure self-performance with all lead performance statistics and also notification feature.

Activity History

Every activity that sales officers did could be input and manage on Jala Assistant. So it’s very helpful for sales officers to know all histories of leads without making notes on sheet or notebook.

Manual Lead Input

If sales officers want to do canvassing, they can easily input lead data to Jala Assistant.

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